The Whispurrer in the Darkness

Free the Kittens

Jaywing, a winged cat, has joined the crew. It seems that a white van has been driving around the alley’s at night stealing cats. Bubbles, a mamma cat, asks Franklin and Jaywing to find her missing kitten who was abducted by the van. Jaywing decides to use Franklin as bait while Franklin asks Wily the Ghost Dog for information on the van’s whereabouts.

The cats wait for the van at night. The driver tries unsuccessfully to capture Franklin. The cats then follow the van to a warehouse. Inside they find alley cats in cages and an apparatus designed to swap their brains with those of chickens. The cats free the prisoners and lead them all to safety.

Dolls and Insects

Rebecca, the house cat. calls upon Franklin and Flight-of-Eagle to come and help her. A mysterious package showed up at her owner’s house. The package contained a porcelain doll with pictures of ants on its clothes. No one knew who sent the doll, and after the twofoots went to bed the doll disappeared.

The cats explored the house and were cornered by ants in the bathroom. With the help of some shampoo they defeated the ants. They went into the attic where they found the doll controlling an army of ants. Flight-of-Eagle tore the doll apart and broke the spell over the ants. The cats took a bag of sugar from the kitchen, poured a trail from the attic to the outside, and the confused ants followed the trail and left the house.

The only clue about the doll was that is came from Madame Bobo’s Voodoo Shop in New Orleans

The Ghost Dog of Willow Alley

Two alley cats hear of a strange spectral hound haunting the alleyway. The local cats want them to investigate, because Willow Alley is a great place to find scraps but no one is brave enough to go there at night.

Franklin and Flight-of-Eagle sneak into the alley at night. They find a blowing hound behind the dumpster. Flight-of-Eagle attacks it but her claws pass right through the spirit. They talk to the hound and he tells them that he cannot leave until he finds his ball. The ball rolled down into the sewer and he cannot go down there because spirits cannot cross running water.

Flight-of-Eagle tells Franklin to howl and try to convince a twofoot to come out into the alley to lift up the manhole. A twofoot does come out, but carries Franklin out of the alley and conveniently places him near the storm drain. The two cats scamper down into the sewer. They get wet, fight a rat, and find the ball. Flight-of-Eagle puts the ball in a plastic cup that was found in some trash so that she can carry in out.

The hound is grateful for the return of his ball, and he tells the duo that they can call on his help anytime as his spectral form flew away into the night.

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