The Whispurrer in the Darkness

Dolls and Insects

Rebecca, the house cat. calls upon Franklin and Flight-of-Eagle to come and help her. A mysterious package showed up at her owner’s house. The package contained a porcelain doll with pictures of ants on its clothes. No one knew who sent the doll, and after the twofoots went to bed the doll disappeared.

The cats explored the house and were cornered by ants in the bathroom. With the help of some shampoo they defeated the ants. They went into the attic where they found the doll controlling an army of ants. Flight-of-Eagle tore the doll apart and broke the spell over the ants. The cats took a bag of sugar from the kitchen, poured a trail from the attic to the outside, and the confused ants followed the trail and left the house.

The only clue about the doll was that is came from Madame Bobo’s Voodoo Shop in New Orleans


nedpatrick nedpatrick

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